Fulfilling Your Dream of Flying

Alexander Schleicher is one of the world’s leading sailplane and motor glider manufacturers. Almost 10,000 of our aircraft operate throughout the world and bear testament to our internationally recognized commitment, engineering creativity and passion for the sport.

We are proud to be the oldest and one of the largest sailplane producers – we have been in the business for well over 75 years. In fact, we’re located at the foot of Germany’s famous Wasserkuppe hill, the birthplace of gliding itself.

From the very beginning, our customers have been the focus of all our endeavours, helping us to nurture relationships with glider pilots around the globe. This bond remains in place today and is the driving force behind our constant innovation towards even better and safer designs.

Alexander Schleicher Benelux

Since 2011, Alexander Schleicher has been represented by René de Dreu in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

René has been soaring since the age of 14. It is his love for the sport that inspires him in his competition flying to this day. He holds titles as Dutch National Champion, 2008 and 2010 and European Champion, 2009.

He began working for Glider Pilot Shop in 2009, a supplier of sailplane instruments and accessories, where providing quality service and support are his key business focusses.

Service & Support:

Service and support for instruments and accessories is performed by Alexander Schleicher Benelux.