Alexander Schleicher Services

Since 2011, Alexander Schleicher has been represented by Glider Pilot Shop in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. Since 2019 the region expanded with the addition of France.

Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co.

The sailplane manufacturer is a family-owned company founded by Alexander Schleicher in 1927 and now run by his grandsons Peter and Ulrich Kremer. 120 highly skilled employees produce sailplanes and motor gliders, flown by enthusiastic pilots all over the world. Among all sailplane producers, Alexander Schleicher is the oldest and one of the largest manufacturers.


"AS" stands for gliders with the highest handcrafted quality. Close contacts with research institutes and universities all over the world are a guarantee that pilots will enjoy the maximum possible performance standards. Designers like Rudolf Kaiser, Gerhard Waibel, Martin Heide and Michael Greiner are internationally recognized and highly respected development engineers. Their names guarantee that right from concept design through to detailed development, prototype & mould building, production, quality control and after sales service our ongoing customer support can always be relied on. Manufacturing all components at our Poppenhausen factory means that we not only achieve maximum flexibility but also retain continuous control over production quality and as a we result we can genuinely say: “QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY”. 

Fulfilling Your Dream of Flying

Alexander Schleicher is one of the world’s leading sailplane and motor glider manufacturers located at the foot of Germany’s famous Wasserkuppe hill, the birthplace of gliding itself. Almost 10,000 of our aircraft operate throughout the world and bear testament to our internationally recognized commitment, engineering creativity and passion for the sport. From the very beginning, our customers have been the focus of all our endeavours, helping us to nurture relationships with glider pilots around the globe. This bond remains in place today and is the driving force behind our constant innovation towards even better and safer designs.

Historic picture Alexander Schleicher
AS design team

Joschka Schmeisl, Paul Anklam, Andreas Storch, Ulrich Simon, Tobias Mörsel, Manfred Münch

The Alexander Schleicher design team

With the new AS 33 Alexander Schleicher breaks with the decades long tradition of including the designer’s name in a new aircraft’s model designation. This shows even more emphatically that new developments from the AS design division are products of teamwork. At the same time the depth of development expertise within AS is significantly increased through the use of new technologies such as modern CFD software.
Our current design team is led by three highly qualified aerospace engineers, supported by other extremely experienced co-workers. This means that the AS design team is ideally constituted and equipped to deal with future design challenges.

Alexander Schleicher SERVICES

Since 2011, Alexander Schleicher has been represented by Glider Pilot Shop in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. With the start of  2019 the region expanded with the addition of France.

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